Where it all began

The history of the Sandon pub

The birthplace of LFC

Welcome to The Sandon Pub – the legendary spot where Liverpool FC's story all began. Voted the best match day pub by the Liverpool Echo and winning the silver medal in the UK's best pub contest, we're just a stone's throw from Anfield Stadium.

This isn't just any pub. It's where Liverpool's football legacy began. We are the birthplace of Liverpool FC, it's the best match day venue! Football fans from all over the world come to us on match days to enjoy a pint or few and soak up our amazing atmosphere.

Let's rewind to 1870. The Sandon was born, thanks to John Houlding, a local brewer with a huge heart for football. This wasn't just a place to grab a beer; it was where Liverpool and Everton's football began.

Here's where it gets exciting: The Sandon was the hotspot for St Domingo's, the city's first football team. But when they needed an enclosed playing field, Houlding, the then Lord Mayor and a serious Everton fan, had the perfect pitch near his brewery.

Fast forward a bit, and The Sandon became the epicentre of football in Liverpool. It was the dressing room for Everton, saw the birth of Liverpool FC, and was there when Everton became league champs.

But, drama ensued. Rent issues with Everton led to Houlding creating Liverpool FC right here in 1892. The Sandon was where it all happened – from intense meetings to the start of a new football legacy.

It's been through ups and downs, even becoming a cinema in the '80s, but was brought back to life in the '90s. Today, it's not just a pub; it's a living museum of football history with an unmatched atmosphere on match days.

The Sandon is now restored to its former glory, it's a vibrant venue offering exceptional matchday hospitality in rooms like the Thompson Lounge. Whether you're here for the history, the football, or just a great pint, The Sandon is where every Liverpool fan's heart beats a little faster.

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